Life Style


Mop ( Babe)   we are not going to Santorini 

20:00pm 24/08/17 and you got 4 hrs  to packing, because tomorrow at 7:00am we need  to be at the airport, the flight to Brazil leaves at 10:00 am .

What ????????????

a Big  UNEXPECTED Gift Surprise and show of Love that I got from my boyfriend. He Gave  me a chance to be with my lovers one on My special day.

Thank you Sebastiaan 

When I got that desire to eat vegetables, seconds later ManaMana is on my mind. They master the skill of preparing and serving vegetables.

Located in the heart of the Pijp neighborhood and only a short bike ride from my house. “Hallelujah” (we have got more places to visit in the Pijp than only the Heineken Experience).