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It’s Time to show off your wild side! The animal print is on the top of trends : first we got the leopard hit print , then zebra, and now it’s time for a snake boomerang. The variety of animals print increased and no matter the period, they always make themselves present keeping the face of modern. It’s something that never goes out of fashion and nowadays gives a fancy touch in more elaborate productions.


When I started writing I got a doubt about the origin of the animal trend.  So, here is a small source:  back to the ‘ 30s, Tarzan’s movie was an early milestone promoting in the fashion world the African-inspired prints. In  1936 a  leopard print dress has been created by the French house Busvine.  At the same time, French stylist Jeanne Paquin wore leopard skins in her collections. Already in the decade of 40,  Christian Dior was the first to use the Jaguar print, and not the skin,  named “Africa dress”,  for its spring-summer collection. Because of it, animal print also gained shape in accessories, handbags, and shoes. But it was the stylist Elsa Schiaparelli that had one of the hits of the time, the Leopard hat. Christian Dior’s first collection premiered on February 12 th , 1947, and included this very un-“New Look” leopard print sheath called “Jungle 

I didn’t want to make my wardrobe as a zoo, ( but I  have to be honest with you that it’s getting difficult due to this huge assortment of animal print collections everywhere ),  so I choose a  favorite style for each animal print.

Starting with this versatile leopard dress, here are three ways that I matched it to make a modern and casual look. I will definitely keep using him the next summer.

Make your leopard colorful

The yellow mustard tone became one of my favorite colors to wear with leopard print, there are many others as emerald green, red, orange, pink.  Wel…I guess leopard is very versatile, right? Just put some creativity and play with it. Believe it or not, leopard is neutral.

Match it with sneakers to be stylish and comfortable at the same time 

Pair with denim

There are three neutrals color in one that match perfectly with denim: Black, Khaki, and white. The leopard print is particularly versatile and goes with everything, so why not pair with a casual denim blouse? The casual vibe is still there and it looks pretty cool.

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I divided the theme into three editions …  keep up for the next wild zebra side.

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