Since 2013 on the runways pyjamas style has been dropped on the trend in a such modern way  that has been able to thrive in an ever-transforming fashion market .

How I still  keep this comfy style in my wardrobe

I am betting this trend since the autumn-winter fashion week/16 thanks to the inspiration from Marc Jacobs creating a fashion statement out of your nighttime routine to an up-and-coming comfy  trend. 

As I always saying  the trends are exhilarated increasingly fast like a “light speed”.  But in that case  of the Pajama style  the designers supplied a large variety of fabrics–from cotton all the way to high-end silk–that make it possible for pajama lovers to transform their purchases into streetwear style.

I’m talking about the trend of pajamas in a very relaxed or elegant way!

The  versatility of the pajama  style is  makes a fashion statement out of your nighttime routine, it is an up-and-coming trend. Be comfy wherever you go. You can choose styling to look cozy or sporty, its depends how you match the accessories and shoes.

Does this dress looks like a sleepdress ?

Actually this “dress “ is nothing more than a luxurious and ultra special sleepdressof my sista Camila, that came she out of the maternity of  Maitê.

Click here to check this little sweet pie on instagram.( @lookinhosdamaite)

I remember as if it were today telling her OMG serious? Is it a sleepdress? I want to wear it as a dress!

The tendency beyond being continually changing and always surprises us more and more! The comfort has taken over the catwalks and what seemed impossible and unacceptable has become imposed not only on the catwalks but also on the day-to-day. 

And do you dare to bet on this trend? But using creativity and matching with your other pieces from your wardrobe I’m sure you will be able to create a cool style.

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  1. Adelaine Campana Reply

    Humm… I am not sure…. it’s indeed comfy … not sure if I would wear it though…

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