Mop ( Babe)   we are not going to Santorini 

20:00pm 24/08/17 and you got 4 hrs  to packing, because tomorrow at 7:00am we need  to be at the airport, the flight to Brazil leaves at 10:00 am .

What ????????????

a Big  UNEXPECTED Gift Surprise and show of Love that I got from my boyfriend. He Gave  me a chance to be with my lovers one on My special day.

Thank you Sebastiaan 

Yes Happy Birthday to me …I love this date  26/08 and that  feeling   that ” today is my day of the year and a new starting”.

It’s 24:05 of 26/08/18  and I start writing to you all  after a very tight hug of my hubby wishing me all the love. I guess  it’s time to hit my pillow and continue writing  tomorrow …Nite Nite babes….

Morning Sunday 26/08/18   8:00am

Woke up today  feeling more  bright  it’s probably because I have touched so many lives and have a feeling that I led until  now only good vibes around me. 

Now back to last year in  Brazil with a remarkably special time. After we arrived and also surprised my whole family, come the thoughts : Gosh , we  have to celebrate it , first of all you are here and turned 40  its’ a very flashy number for a party.  But we had  only a few hours and then … Family X  Friends. Yes they did it  and exactly how I imagined. Thank you Luciana – Dona Das Panelas,  Ana Fonseca my sista maravilhosa Camila . “They moved the world ” In a few hours for make that happen in a  lovely pink girly party style.  

I couldn’t   believe that I was there on their side, my unconditional love Mummy,Daddy, and sister!

Here is my pink turned 40 birthday party, incredible how Ana Fonseca read my mind without know me as her sister my bff  Luciana – Dona das Panelas 

The party table  were all decorated  with a  touch of gold  that’s means for me all the  blessings in my life so far. The pink come along because I’m always gonna keep that Girly girly feminist woman that I ‘ve got inside me.

There are so many things I’d like to say, well I feel so lucky to have you all as my friend and family. Even so far away from Brazil,  we remain always  in one way or another. 

It was a such passing moment, short but special enough for my whole life. Of course due the last minute I have been missing some friends and part of my family. Thank you all to made my celebration  brighter. I’m so grateful and  blessed to have a such a thoughtful friends and family  in my life.

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