Is there anything more satisfying than a good hair day care? Today I’m writing about Gleiton Pedro “the  boss of my hair”  that is how I’m calling him. Isn’t only because he takes care of my hair for about 15 years. But I always have put complete trust in his talent and vision that he would make my hair in such a way that it would be one with my outfit and personality.

For those who follow me for a long time, I’m sure that you already have heard or seen his demanding job with a great results.  I’m telling it because I’m a kind of chameleon, from the brunette dark brown straight to the pastel blondie.

One time I  wanted to ask him to change my hair  color  to a kind of rosé highlights. Well, I will be there  tomorrow and I gonna make this proposal to him.

Normally I leave it completely up to him to decide what is going to happen. He just make the usual question : ” Nadia, what do we’re going to do today?”  

But honestly we both knows  that it’s a customary question because deep down inside he knows that he is the  man who runs my hair style.

I’m telling you he can read my mind! 

I take a seat in his chair and a couple of hours later I see the very fine result of his passion and techniques as stylist hairdresser .

 And here is a kind proof when he/ we  in 2016 decided that I would no longer have my long hair. –  Gleiton : “ Can I cut?  ”  – Me : “Yes but I thought it would be just a bit dry/ damage piece”.

OMG ! His scissors worked with the ability to encourage me to look and feel my very best, and I loved  it. This picture is  without any filter, so you can see the result healthy and shiny hair.  

Gleiton is super professional with a strict criteria for his hairdressing/cutting  procedures. He knows exactly what his customers want.

He will not take risks and experiment with your hair, he will give you a proper advice and achieve what you want. it’s all about client expectations!

 You can visit his site here  and follow  on instagram here. Though his Instagram is filled to the brim with amazing hair colours inspo. 

When a cut or a hairstylist finishes, the Gleiton Pedro  usually photograph the result of the work and this has already become a trademark between his customers.

One of his favourite products  and became mine too are the BRAÉ – Bond Angel  that acts directly on the hair strand, protecting it from damage such as porosity or swelling of the cuticles. The result is a healthy and shiny hair, which retains the pigments for much longer. Could also be used as a powerful reconstructor for damaged hair. This is because it has a special micro-molecule of hydrolyzed collagen in their formula, the one that can adhere much easier to damaged hair, and has the primary function of rebuilding broken disulphide bonds. This then multiplies them, strengthening the hair strands, protecting the color, providing shine and repairing the damaged surface! 

I love how the pastel blonde balayage climb up on my light brown hair, intermingling for a dimensional and summery effect.  It’s so glossy and golden, it almost appears to emit its own light.

Three months ago, I went to  a very light blond balayage, his balayage look, are perfectly placed in a natural-looking the colour was vivid, saturated and eye-catching. As if the sun had brightened my hair.

Do you Know what  Balayage is ?  “Balayage is a freehand painting technique, usually focusing on the top layer of hair, resulting in a more natural and dimensional approach to highlighting.”

On the other hand, is characterised by intermittent highlights dispersed throughout the hair, almost like subtle strokes of paint.

You guys  have no idea how happy I am and how great it is to make part for his hard work and improvement of his talent with a beautiful  support of  his wife Ana.  “Cheers  to our success “

If your looking for a warm, friendly and knowledgeable stylist in Amsterdam, you won’t find anyone better that Gleiton Pedro Studio.” 


Gleiton Pedro Studio.    

📍Texelstraat 78/86, 1181 ES Amstelveen

📱020 363 5394 

    📥[email protected]

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  1. I have been thinking of do highlights on my hair for the first time. I was a little unsure but now that I see your results I’m down for it.. they did an amazing job!! I wish they could be here in NY.

    • Nadia Roberto Reply

      Thank you babe for your vest xoxo I”m glad that you like it. For sure in Ny you will find some nice hairdresser. But once that u got a opportunity to visit Amsterdam than you can see his studio…xoxo

  2. This colour is sooo gorgeous! Your hairdresser has a real talent I would to try this look for my next colour x

  3. Annslifestyle Reply

    I love his work! He is such an inspiration person, works with so much passion and dedication.

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