It’s hard to understand how much one body can undergo without realizing the cause. Speaking a little bit  of my experience with burnout. I think all of you must have heard about this word, but have you ever stopped to think about the importance of the voice of your body telling you to stop or slowdown ?

There is a many evidences that sometimes comes sneaking in without you noticing. Generally, these symptoms start out very lightly but they get worse over time due the  accumulation of tasks, perfectionism and focus on work as an exclusive source of pleasure lead to physical and mental exhaustion. 

Everything that I do  I’m charging a personal engagement beyond my  limits with extreme perfectionism,  and  among my individual causes this perfectionism is  my highlighted, which leads me the search for an sometimes impossible excellence, and idealism in relation to the profession. 

What do you mean?

 Burnout syndrome, or professional exhaustion, stems from prolonged stress at workIt’s as if the body and the mind put a final point, happened to me 3 years ago, when my body screamed : “Now enough”!

A devastating fatigue revealed a absolute lack of energy. All my body reserves went depleted.  At work, in place of motivation, the  irritation arise with lack of concentration, discouragement, I got a kind of  feeling of failure.

Then I hear from my doctor  the word  Burnout  with a advice  that I must has to go away for a while of my work. A despair took over me and the only thought I had was about my job. 

The necessary change

I started therapy with a psychologist to learn how to develop strategies to help me to alleviate a constant stress and pressure, started walking in the city park and at meantime I also discovered that painting brought me a new spirit. 

I went out of my environment for a while, still not believed  how  blessed  I have been  to get the opportunity to realize a dream to lived  temporarily on an island – Malta.

And the greatest source of my entire recovery was when my parents ” rescued  ” me from Malta to Brazil to care for me with all they love. This family support have been essential for my return.

How to identify the first signs

Feeling stress and lack of will to get out of bed is common and can happen to everyone, however, when these feelings are present almost every day, it may indicate the onset of a burnout syndrome.

 Other symptoms as  :

*Feel tired and without energy almost always;
*have frequent headaches;
*Changes in appetite;
*difficulty to catch sleep;
*To have constant feelings of failure and insecurity;
*Feeling defeated and hopeless;
*Difficulty to comply with work responsibilities;
*Willingness to isolate himself from others.

How I’m dealing with getting away from this syndrome

I will not deny that I’m  still have to improve to get away of it, but due the knowledge go those signs, I’m able to realise almost a second chance to fall again.

First all I abandoned the motto “My name is work.”  I’m trying focus on what’s positive instead of looking at the negative aspects, discovering new habits of pleasure.   If it’s stress, to slow the pace I  try to do one thing at a time. 

 I’m back to the gym and it makes all the difference activating my circulation, stimulating my  metabolism ( who was of a person of 75 years) and  also helps  energize and manage my anxiety /stress.

 A  spiritual meditation and being more often in touch with my family and friends has been essential to dealing with day-to-day pressure.

Here I leave my tip if you are going through a similar situation!

Attention to the signals emitted by your body. Exhaustion can be  also a symptom of various diseases, from anemia to thyroid disorders. When in doubt, see a doctor don’t let your body shout at Yourself.

I hope this post has been useful to you and do not hesitate to send to anyone who could finds it necessary!

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