It’s impossible to think of the spring of Japan without having on our mind the iconic image of the sweet cherry blossoms, seen as a symbol of the transitory nature of life, Sakura (cherry blossom) means a new beginning.

The cherry blossom usually begins to bloom in Okinawa in January/February, heading for the middle of Japan  in March/April and  ending your season in may in the North in Hokkaido. Your durability are of a few weeks, but a variety of factors can affect the season, for a example: a particularly cold winter may mean that the blossom come out later,  an exceptionally mild climate can inaugurate them sooner, or a heavy rain could mean that its petals fall faster than normally.

I hope one day may I be lucky to visit Japan during the cherry blossom season and could join the locals at parks, or around the rivers for a hanami, cherry-blossom viewing ( Japanese  spring tradition celebrated between families and friends with a picnic in the parks under the flowering cherry trees).

But luckily I could feel the magic of the blossom flying in the wind, it’s in  Amstelveen organized a festival of Japanese snacks & drinks with cultural activities for the Japanese community of Holland, in thanks for the donation of 400 cherry trees in the year 2000. Each tree has a name of 200 trees with Japanese women and 200 trees with Dutch names.

Hope that  I have passed a little bit of this magical feeling that I had under those cherry blossoms on to you …

It’s all about inspirations, be yourself, nobody can do it better!


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