This session was done very quickly and most of it was improvised, no pro camera usage, just me and my best friend in that case, the “mobile phone”. In the end the result was not that bad after all so enjoy the impressions.

This is the overview of the fashion shows that I attended:

  La Prestic Ouiston  a harmonious mix of prints and patterns.

How about bet this trend and play with the patterns present in your wardrobe? Did you know you can mix stripes and floral prints and still create a stylish matching outfit?

Pascal Millet  staying true to his idea of French elegance and style; Pascal Millet has delivered us a collection for confident woman, both intelligent and sexy.

 Lutz Huelle  came up with an engaging collection with strong graphic shapes.

Véronique Leroy Staying true to her roots with rich materials, impeccable construction  and an interest in what some might consider “bad taste”but  to my eyes I would say a  “clumsy” collection  facing the worst part of the trend of the 1980s.

But I’m sure that many parts of this collection as the teddy bear flufly style jackets, crushed velvet , silk blouses will be a welcome addition to any wardrobe of autumn/winter 17-18.

I also made some short videos for you to get an idea of this experience more up close.

My first Paris fashion week experience was one where I had one more chance to be next to the fashionistas, designers, talented photographers and Brazilians influenciers that I most admire.

Song  used from  Daniel  of  Cupid’s Bullets👇🏼

Camila Coutinho,  Thassia Naves, Anna Dello Russo, Caradaur, Aimee Song, Camila Coelho, Chiara Ferragni and  Helena Bordon.

And last but not least I present you with the outfit photo shoots, I experimented with the romantic modern style, I believe it was a great match with the open museum of history and culture that we call Paris, Mon Cherié.

Credit to 📸 Gabi Alves  & 📸 Ferruccio Dall”Aglio

It’s all about inspirations, be yourself, nobody can do it better!

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    • Thank you, its pleasant to see that you like it. I’ve been on Paris SS17/18, but I didn’t the post, only on instagram stories. My third will be end of February/18, for sure will cover it.
      Cheers xoxo

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