Hi Loves! The Post is a bit late, but it’s for good reason because I arrived from Milan and  immediately after that I had to prepare for my next destination, Paris, mon chéri.

As I had mentioned in my other post of the  Amsterdam Fashion week, the fashion bug bit me and there I was in Milan. I decided to face a last-minute the Milan fashion week.

I was very honoured with the three invitations to the shows, in such a short time after the start of the blog! Very proud to be in the first row of the first show from this season which was that of:  GRINKO.

I confess that it’s all very new to me with names of  brands that I never heard of before. It has all tripled my expectations in their shows  where they refer to “ready for use”.

So let’s get down to the business? The three shows that I have reviewed:

22-02 – Wednesday  – Grinko

23-02 – Thursday Anteprima  & Daniela Gregis

and by surprise I got a extra invitation to the show 24-02 – sexta –  Ettore Bilotta . Thank you Felipe .


My predicates: towards a male look with an elegant touch and at the same time laid back. Would use everything!

My must have look 

The collection is inspired by the new and important chapter in the life of the Designer, Grinko and his partner Filippo Cocchetti announced to the world the birth of their twins Emma and Sophia. With their message “Love gives life” in an intimate and emotional touch, Grinko’s message does not require any translation.

 The 80’s in they elements of punk and Gothic prevailed in your innovative and evocative collection with strong cuts, irregular and contrasting heights in large-sized proportions. A real mix of feminine and mannish.


My predicates: intuitive Style of elegance and understated sophistication by creativity and luxury!

My must have look

“Mod Nouveau” is the theme of your new collection from the years 60″s, focus on minimalist shapes, tailored and graphic silhouette. The mini and midi dresses are flared, while long dresses are soft and light.

Bold patterned collection, that invade the shirts and dresses. Another important element of this collection are the trousers with a high waist or flared low well accentuating in culottes (watch out girls from the culottes club, where I’m a vip member, its a excellent trousers model for us) to combine with tunics and elegant shirts.

I noticed that fabrics in silk and cashmere in the colours of green, purple, Navy Blue, yellow, Khaki, white and gray marks were used in this collection.

Daniela Gregis 

My predicates: Comfort and quality form the foundation!

My must have look 

In your Studio in the ancient Piazza Vecchia in Milan the fashion designer Daniela Gregis creates collections that appeal to women who appreciate the best fabrics and to know how to use them.

Super colourful and  deluxe meshes are made exclusively with natural wool which has been painted to emphasize your natural color. Rustic style with wide and comfortable silhouettes.

The  “older lady”  on the catwalk is the beautiful model and actress Benedetta Barzini. Discovered on the streets of Milan by Consuelo Crespi, in 1963, where she established your fashion career in New York. She also worked with other notable fashion photographers like Bert Stern and Richard Avedon. Barzini was featured on the cover of the first edition of Vogue Italy in November 1965. In December 1966, she was named one of the “100 great beauties of the world” by the American fashion magazine Harper Baz.

What a honor to see her close up and congrats to Daniela Gregis  from her message into your collection, sensitivity at a high level.

Below a little from the catwalk show of Daniela Gregis 👇🏼

🎶 credit music to : Cupido bullets

Ettore Billota 

My predicates: a perfect balance of contemporary elegance and three-dimensionality.

My must have look 

The Italian designer Ettore Bilotta, responsible for nearly 20 years by the uniforms of airline Alitalia presented your first prêt-à-porter collection at Mudec,Culture-Museum of Milan.

His proposal “Couture-à-Porter” Ettore Bilotta played in your collection with a balance between male and female, lines and shapes, volumes, between concepts of mini and maxi. The skirts that accentuate the waist are either too short or too long.

Wish to have the whole collection, an elegant, harmonious and feminine set contemporary, as the tissues haut de gamme and seams that evoke the art of handmade.  Alternating chevron wool bouclé trousers with tiny touches of cashmere, in combinations of colours burgundy, silver, black or smoke grey.

The 70’s are back in oversized coats worn with high-cut pants cuffs in a combination with a new modernity where your purpose is to join the best Italian tailoring for the most sumptuous fabrics.

Thank you Milan for this first of many other fashion week that are to come.

A  most sincere “thank you”  for the talents of:

Camila Scrivano – photographer

Lia Oliveira –photographer

Jacy Maryoh –make up

Camila Serrano – make up

Bartira Palmeira – make up

It’s all about inspirations, be yourself, nobody can do it better!


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